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Supplication Prayer

by Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche

from Dharma Wheel (Spring 2005), The Quarterly Newsletter of the Tibetan Meditation Center, Maryland, USA


The following ”Supplication Prayer” is the fourth and final section of “In Praise of the Great Holy Place Tsaritra, the Embodiment of Bodhicitta” composed by Khenchen Rinpoche in 2003.  When Rinpoche sent us this translation, he also sent us the following introduction that he dictated to Terence Barrett on January 21, 2005:

Tsari is one of the most holy places in the Himalayan Mountains.  In general, it is described in both sutras and tantras.  In particular, it is described in the kalachakra, Chakrasamvara, and Hevajra Tantras of the Unexcelled Yoga Tantra (anuttarayoga) level.  Tsari is the heart of mind abode of Chakrasamvara; the body abode being Mt. Kailash, and the speech abode, the snow-mountain of Lachi.  Since the Buddha prophesied the nature of Tsari, many Indian masters who were highly accomplished in tantric meditation practice went there and meditated.  The mountain was opened by Kagyu masters, and became well known all over Tibet.  Every year, many people go there for pilgrimage and during every Monkey Year, thousands of people go there – all risking their lives for the purification of body, speech and mind. 

The following descriptions are a brief account of Tsari: in an outer way as history, and in an inner way as realization of the inner mental qualities.  Rinpoche has instructed us to publish this “Supplication Prayer” first and is recommending it as a regular practice-text suitable for all Dharma practitioners.  The first three sections of the text will be made available at a later date.

By the power of the blessings of the root and lineage lamas[1]

the efficacy of bodhicitta,

the powerful abilities of the yidam deities,

and the truth of the unchanging phenomena-basis,


May I and the sentient beings of the six realms,

we who are cycling unceasingly in cyclic existence,

purify our bad deeds, defilements, and obscurations

accumulated since beginningless time.


May the thought-affliction collection of

attachment, aversion, ignorance, and so forth be purified.

May we not cling to this life,

which is like a water bubble.


May we strive in the sphere of acceptance and rejection

with regard to inexorable karmic result.

May we exert ourselves in the method of liberation from cyclic existence,

which is like a doorless prison.


Possessions are like the honey of the bee,

May we know that we are not empowered to make use of them.

Young adulthood is like the flower of autumn,

May we know it as illusory.


May the root-basis of cyclic existence, self-grasping,

be completely severed at the root.

May we see the disadvantages of cyclic existence,

which has the nature of the three sufferings.


Since oneself and all others are impermanent,

may renunciation be born in our mindstreams.

May we not entrust ourselves

to the joys and sorrows of the wheel of existence.


The sense pleasures, dew on a blade of grass,

may we know them to be without essence.

Existence, the wheel of interdependence,

may we know that it arose from causes and conditions.


From the bottom of our hearts, may we go for refuge

to the non-deceptive three jewels.

May we recollect the kindness of the Buddha,

whose compassion is unmatched in this degenerate age.


May loving kindness, the desire from the bottom of the heart to benefit others,

be born in our mindstreams.

May compassion, the desire to separate sentient beings from suffering,

be born in our mindstreams.


May bodhicitta, the source of peace and happiness in samsara and nirvana,

be born in our mindstreams.

Since phenomena are inherently non-existent,

may we see the supreme meaning of emptiness.


May all obstacles and unfavorable conditions

arise as assistance to enlightenment.

By focusing the mind-training[2] to those things that torture us –

illness and evil spirits – may they be purified.

May we dust off and cherish

the wish-fulfilling jewel of the three trainings.

May we perfect the six transcendent actions,

the great highway of the conquerors of the three times.


May we attain the common and supreme attainments

of the ocean of yidam mandalas.

May the blessings of the root and lineage lamas

be effortlessly received into our hearts.


Sentient beings are the nature of buddhas;

may the unbiased pure appearance arise.

May we attain steadfast calm-abiding

that is without movement or wavering.


The mind doesn’t abide anywhere;

may its root basis be severed.

May all the waves of discursive thought

be realized as the self-expressivity of mind.


May the white and red outer appearances[3]

be realized as the self-luster of mind.

May the co-emergent mind as-it-is

be realized as the original luminosity.


May the unfabricated mind, free of production and cessation,

abide as fresh and self-settled.

In this one life, may we attain the buddhahood

that is the inseparable essence of the three kayas.


May our minds turn to the Dharmas,

may the Dharmas enter into the path,

may we dispel the confusions of the path,

and may confusion dawn as primordial wisdom.


May the entire collection of virtues –

those innate, and those accumulated in the three times in samsara and nirvana –

become the cause for all embodied ones in samsara and nirvana, without remainder,

to attain the four kayas.


The khenpo who has faith and respect for the great holy place,

named Konchog Gyaltshen, wrote whatever came to mind on the 18th day of May 2003. 

May all come to virtue and auspicious!

Sarvam Mangalm!


(Translation from the Tibetan by Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche and Terence Barrett)



[1] When reciting this line at the end of the entire text of “In Praise of the Great Holy Place of Tsaritra,” this line should be replaced with “By the power of the blessings of having recited this.”

[2] Mind-training is “blo sbyong” in Tibetan, pronounced and often written in English as “lo-jong.”

[3] “White and red outer appearances” is a way of referring to all appearances.




Immeasurable numbers of canopies, banners, pennants, drapes, nets, statues, lights, flames,
clouds, seats, parks, shelters, lands, mountains, seas, rivers, trees, robes, lotus blossoms,
and palaces, all made of jewel crystals...
I present to Buddhas, may all sentient beings be aspired to cause all worlds to become purified and
attain emancipation, abide in the stage of the ten powers and attain unhindered understanding of truth;
to cause all sentient beings to be fully endowed with bases of goodness, to gain complete self-mastery,
to have minds as infinite as space, without going anywhere, entering all land, passing on good ways.

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